Membership & Rates

Monthly Dues

(w/ 1 year contract)

Family Membership: $114.99 + tax

Individual Membership: $98.90 + Tax

Junior Membership: $35.00 + tax


Annual Rate's Available

1 Year Advanced Pay (no tax)

Family Membership: $1300

Individual Membership: $1000

Junior Membership: $350


$15 food minimum applies to family and individual memberships only. 



Court Rates

Outdoor Courts: No Charge

Indoor Courts: $20.00/hr


You must be a member to reserve an indoor or outdoor court at Philcrest.  You may call 3 days in advance to reserve your court time. All indoor court times must be canceled 12 hours in advance to avoid a charge to your account.



Ball Machine

1hr Court w/ Ball Machine: $30

1.5hr Court w/ Ball Machine: $40


Guest Fees

1st Visit (of the month): $10 + court costs

2nd+ Visit (of the month): $20 + court costs

Drill Fees

2 players: $30/person

3 players: $20/person

4 players: $16/person

5 + players: $14/person

*add $10 for guests


Private Lessons

1 hour Private Lesson:  $60 - $66/hr

1 hour Private Non-Member Lesson: $70 - $76/hr


You must cancel 24 hours before your private

lesson or you will be billed full price.



junior tennis


  • Free Outdoor Courts

  • Indoor Court Rentals

  • Racquet Stringing

  • Access to Pro Shop

  • Access to Philcrest Kitchen

Monthly Rate w/ Year Contract

$50 non-refundable deposit for month to month